Have a Great Burger at Burger 21 in Tampa

Burger 21

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day at work or you’re just looking for a fun lunch or dinner with friends and family near home, sometimes the only thing you’re really craving is a juicy burger. While there are many Tampa burger restaurants to choose from, you can’t beat Burger 21. No matter what type of burger you like, Burger 21 has something … [Read more...]

Find Fresh and Local Food at Sanwa Farmer’s Market

Sanwa Farmer's Market

Lansbrook Village residents have the benefit of not only a magnificent property, but an amazing area. There are many attractions, including great places to shop. For fresh and local food, visit the Sanwa Farmer's Market. It has all the food and goods you could want to cook meals, stock your cabinets, and keep you nourished. Shop for fresh and … [Read more...]

Enjoy Great Sushi in Palm Harbor at Lazy Maguro

Lazy Maguro Japanese Restaurant

One of the best things about living at our luxurious Lansbrook Village apartment community is that there are plenty of places around where you can get a meal out. If you have a craving for something that is more exotic, you might want to try some of the top Palm Harbor sushi restaurants. However, out of all of them, the best is undoubtedly Lazy … [Read more...]

Best Sandwich Shops in Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor apartments

Grab a bite to eat at some of the best sandwich restaurants in Palm Harbor. Located conveniently near to Lansbrook Village, you'll find plenty of savory and sweet options to satisfy your hunger. One of the most famous sandwich shops in Palm Harbor is the Lucky Dill Deli. Check out the daily specials serving up oversized sandwiches and a variety of beers on … [Read more...]

Best Doughnut Shops in Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor apartments

Living at our Lansbrook Village apartment community means that you’ll be nearby some great food in Palm Harbor. There are tons of excellent restaurants and eateries to grab something to eat. However, if you wake up one morning with a craving for donuts, then be sure to swing by some of these spots. Be sure not to miss out on the donuts served at The … [Read more...]