Where to Listen to Live Music Near Palm Harbor

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If you're wondering where to listen to live music near Palm Harbor, look no further. There are a lot of great places to kick back, relax and hear great music. Bahama Mama's Beach Bar is located at 5250 Gulf Boulevard in Saint Petersburg. This spot is a nightclub, bar and pub that brings you live music. Make sure to sit outside and enjoy a meal while … [Read more...]

Relax at Honeymoon Island State Park

Relax at Honeymoon Island State Park

We all need a vacation get away, whether it is for a honeymoon, anniversary, or just to have time to sit back and relax. Our community at Lansbrook Village knows just the place for you. Along with beautiful beaches to suntan, read a book, swim and relax, Honeymoon Island State Park also has plenty of other activities to stimulate your active … [Read more...]

Our Apartments Have Some of the Best Amenities in Palm Harbor

Lansbrook Village Apartment Amenities

Tampa area renters have a wide array of apartments to choose from during their search for a new home.  It's often hard to choose one apartment over the other, so it typically comes down to the amenities that the apartment has to offer.  The amenities at Lansbrook Village are some of the best in Palm Harbor.  Here are just a few of those … [Read more...]

3 Domestic Skills That Will Help You Save Money

Domestic Skills That Will Help You Save Money

Everyone is trying to save a couple of dollars these days. But you don't have to be a domestic goddess in order to begin using these money saving tips. Today with all the cooking shows on television combined with the plethora of online resources, even if you have trouble boiling water, you can quickly learn the basics of cooking. Then select some … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Mattress in Your Apartment

Tips to clean your matress

You change your sheets weekly and wash the blankets, pillows and mattress pad every couple of months but what about your mattress? Do you even think about cleaning it? Probably not, since it's obviously not something you can just stuff in the washer. But these great apartment cleaning tips will make the job so easy and simple. Get in the habit of … [Read more...]