Head to Tampa for the Summer Concert Series

Lansbrook Village

Though Tampa isn't as well know as a music city as places like Seattle or LA are, Tampa residents know that it should be. When it comes to great outdoor live music, Tampa is the place to be in summer. The Tampa Summer Concert Series is in full swing and will continue through the end of October. No matter your music preference, with top acts in … [Read more...]

Play a Fun Game With Your Dog at Our Community Pet Playground

Pet Playground

Calling all dog lovers! Not only does Lansbrook Village offer pet-friendly apartments in Palm Harbor, FL, it's also inclusive of its very own pet playground within the Lansbrook Village community. With so many great outdoor activities available to you, you don't want to leave your dog indoors missing out. Try out our pet playground together with … [Read more...]

Prevent Clutter in Your Apartment With These 5 Ideas

Improve Any Room in Your Apartment With These 4 Decor Ideas

Admit it, don't you just feel better when you walk in the front door and your home is neat, tidy and organized? Use these five smart tips to get and keep clutter from taking over your life. Monthly scan your home and remove all those things you aren't using, know you'll never use, don't like and can't remember why you even purchased them. Depending … [Read more...]

Start a New Collection in Your Apartment With These 3 Tips

Domestic Skills That Will Help You Save Money

Apartment decorating ideas come from many different sources and revolve around many different colors, patterns and treatments. Most of the best, of course, come from your own imagination and lifestyle choices. One of the most interesting, by far, is doing this with things you are collecting. It is just up to you to decide which collection to use and, maybe, … [Read more...]

3 Easy and Free Ways to Add a New Look to Your Apartment

The Loft Spaces in Our Apartment Homes Make for Spacious Offices

When it comes to apartment living in Palm Harbor FL, there are plenty of ways to go about decorating your space. If you are working with a limited budget, then not to worry. There are plenty of fantastic free and easy ways to add a new look to your apartment. Work with what you know. Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of this we pack … [Read more...]