Take a Tour of Cigar City Brewing in Tampa

Take a Tour of Cigar City Brewing in Tampa

There are always things to see in Tampa. You'll find numerous places that can help ensure that you can always find something to do in your free time. Next time you are looking for somewhere to go, consider Cigar City Brewing. Cigar City Brewing is one of the many breweries and brewpubs in the Tampa area. They offer a variety of tasty brews for you to … [Read more...]

Start a Collection This Year for Your New Year’s Resolution

Start a Collection This Year for Your New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around things like getting in shape, eating healthier and saving money. While these are good goals to have, there’s nothing stopping you from making your resolution a fun one. Make apartment living in Palm Harbor even more exciting by starting your own collection. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are … [Read more...]

Head to Eve’s Florist for Valentine’s Day Flowers

Head to Eve's Florist for Valentine's Day Flowers

When Valentine's Day comes up, the shops in Palm Harbor FL will be abuzz with romance in the air. It is a time for beauty, charm, and love. What better way to get that than at Eve's Florist. This is where to buy the best flowers, and get the most exquisite arrangements. It has quite an impressive selection. The arrangements for love and romance are … [Read more...]

Find a Sweet Treat at Sugardarling’s Cones and Cupcakes

Find a Sweet Treat at Sugardarling's Cones and Cupcakes

Sugardarlings Cones and Cupcakes, has become one of the must stop shops near Palm Harbor Fl apartments. Count yourself very lucky if you are able to indulge in one of the famous Love Muffins! Finding a sweet treat might be a very difficult task since there are so many flavors to choose from. Only the best will do for our clients and that is quality … [Read more...]

Improve Your Cooking For Free With These 5 Ideas

Improve Your Cooking For Free With These 5 Ideas

Apartment living ideas are needed, not only in decoration, but also for cooking. Improving your cooking is great when it comes to cooking for your family, but it is also great when it comes to hosting a party, and can be very easy a free to do. Start with a clean pallet- Cooking dinner is much easier, less stressful, and less distracting when created … [Read more...]