Our Large Solariums Let In Plenty of Natural Light

The Loft Spaces in Our Apartment Homes Make for Spacious Offices

Sunlight is important to our overall happiness. In fact, many studies have shown that the more sunlight were are exposed to in the course of a day, the more energized and positive we feel. Our luxury apartments in Palm Harbor include large solariums that let plenty of sunlight into your home. Aside from the health benefits of sunlight and the vitamin … [Read more...]

Create a Beautiful Container Garden on Your Apartment Balcony

Lansbrook Village

Few things make summer feel like summer then getting your hands dirty in your own garden. Here's how you can create a beautiful container garden for your apartment balcony. Dish garden. Make a double-container system for your succulents. It has the added advantage of providing drainage since an inner pot holds the succulent, like the pale sedan … [Read more...]

Our Poolside Entertainment Area for Your Summer Enjoyment

Community Pool

The summer season is always a blast when you live in our Lansbrook Village Apartments. We offer a variety of amenities that are great for hosting a summer gathering. You are welcome to invite your family, friends and neighbors over for a swim in one of our three large pools. Our pool area features a bar, grill and seating for entertaining your guests. … [Read more...]

Make Your Home a Happier Place With These 5 Design Tips

Party Games

Your home can make a huge impact on your outlook in life, so it makes sense to want to make it a happier place. You can make Lansbrook Village's apartments in Palm Harbor, FL your very own mood-booster by trying out the 5 design tips below. Optimize the lighting. Be sure you have 3 different lighting sources per room to create a glowing room. Having … [Read more...]

Create More Storage in Your Apartment’s Kitchen With These 5 Storage Ideas

How to Prevent Food Waste in Your Apartment

Even a super spacious kitchen like the ones offered at Lansbrook Village sometimes need a little extra help when it comes to storage space. Try these five smart storage tips to maximize every square inch of your home's most valuable real estate. Free up drawer space by storing cutting boards and serving platters in a wicker basket. Then either … [Read more...]